Get Shit Done

FREE 2 Hour Virtual Workshop for the Mundane Desires in Your Life 
Hey there magic maker,

Want to lay around on Sunday eating chocolate and reading about astrology in your purple fluffy bathrobe?

Is there something on your to-do list that's going to get in the way of enjoying that delicious indulgence 100%?

Maybe THAT thing on your to-do list has been stalking you all week? Migrating it's way to the never-ending "tomorrow".

Want a little external motivation to help make it happen?

Join us for the Get Shit Done Workshop designed specifically for magicians and witches.
The Workshop will look like this...


15 minutes

 Guided ritual to clarify the shit your about to do, connect those tasks with your desire, and to state them outloud for accountability


90 minutes 

Silent focused work time with mindfulness reminder bells at intervals to keep you on task


15 minutes

Opportunity to share your accomplishments and celebrate you meeting your desires and getting shit done 

Shit you could get done...

That THING that's been on your list for weeks.
Fold your laundry
Do your dishes
Declutter your closet
File papers and make phone calls
Clear your desk
Plan your meals for the week
Take care of your bookkeeping
Tidy your bedroom
THAT thing you keep thinking about

Show up.

Take care of your shit.

Feel accomplished and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Get Your Shit Done

This workshop is not currently available
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