Alchemy Of Home

Solve et Coagula
 the Process of Home Transformation
Is the Clutter in Your Home also Your Philosopher's Stone?
What is Alchemy?
In a very small nutshell… Alchemy is a process of transformation. The Great Work, essentially the process of enlightenment is the main goal of alchemists. There are many parts to alchemy and this article will focus on the basic components of solve and coagula.

What is Solve et Coagula?
In the most basic terms, solve means to dissolve, and coagula means to combine.

Break something apart and put it back together again with transformed pieces.

Utilizing the energy released to create more harmonious patterns.

You can apply this process to influence… your psyche, your body, your home, your business... anywhere in your life where you want to make magic

Your Home… a magic doorway to Self
Your work in your home is a doorway to your psyche… the place where you tell yourself the story of your existence. The place where deep transformation and change happens. Solve et Coagula can help connect the realms of your home and your psyche. Which produces a home that truly resonates and deeply supports you.

Using Solve et Coagula in Your Home
You can use the alchemical destruction and recreation process to manage your home. Releasing the energy that’s blocking your magic and creating the home (and life) you desire.

Decluttering is Solve work...
Decluttering is removing by deciding to keep or let go of things in your life
Unraveling the stories you tell yourself about the relationships you have with yourself and your things
Physically removing shit from your life to make room for what you actually desire
Dissolving the stuck on patterns that are present in your home and mirrored in your psyche

Decorating is Coagula work…
Decorating is literally combining things in a space
With awareness, you can influence change (make magic)
Creating a new story and unconscious conversation between you and your home
Recombining in a way that is more resonate with what makes you feel supported and empowered

What stuck, outdated patterns in your home are you ready to transform? What stories about yourself do you want to rewrite?

I specialize in the alchemy of home - using solve et coagula as a foundational practice in my own Great Work.

Want an experienced guide for your 
home alchemy journey?

Perhaps a witch who isn’t scared of the dark and the creatures that lurk in the shadows...
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